Thursday, February 23, 2006

Forward Motion!

My blog is finally back from the dead, and is now in a new, more workable more timely postings are on their way. Really!

The past week has been hectic, but very full of blessings. First, my new website template, created by Websonix has been completed, and Elizabeth's Flowers now has a more professional look, which it really needed. Tim Challies of Websonix maintained the patience of a saint as I changed my mind dozens of times as we finalized the "look" of the template. I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone needing a web site design or re-design. And, many thanks to my mother-in-law who paid for the re-design (a combined birthday and Christmas present.)

Second, I'm thrilled to have been given the "go ahead" to be a distributor for Microfleur Microwave Flower presses - the exact press I use to press the vast majority of the flowers I use for my cards and framed art. This flower press is awesome - wait 'till you try it! Because Microfleur is located in Australia, it will be awhile before I actually receive my first shipment, but the presses will soon be available on my site, along with free flower pressing tutorials. Just in time for Spring!

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