Thursday, March 09, 2006

Making Handmade Paper...

Handmade paper has certainly become a passion of mine. I first tried it about 7 years ago, after seeing Lynette Jennings make it on TV. When I look back at the first few pieces of hmp I made, I have to laugh…they are practically like cardboard. But, since then, and hundreds of pieces later, I am grateful to have come a long way. I have read a number of books, but I have learned the most about making handmade paper by surfing the net, and by just doing it…making it again and again. Trying new techniques, adding new fibers, experimenting with different equipment, using different pulp mixtures… all of these yield new and subtle surprises.

For my pressed flower cards I tend to use a basic pulp mixture of half recycled paper and half cotton linters, with various fibers or flower petals for added interest, but I also love using grocery bag pulp, with flecks of binder twine for more rustic, rugged paper. When I need a splash of color, I tear up white recycled paper with and throw a few sheets of colored tissue paper into my blender to make a brightly colored confetti paper. Last week I made an interesting paper using the paper from an old piano lesson book – tiny cute musical notes are sprinkled through out the paper.

Below I’ve included a few good handmade paper links. The first two are good instructional sites, the third is J.J.Goodwin, which is where I’ve purchase most of my mold and deckles. All of her kits contain an excellent instructional booklet, and lots of free pulp inclusions. If you happen to order one of Jane’s kits, please tell her that you heard about her from me. Maybe she’ll give me a discount next time I order from her!:)
11/01/07 I now sell my own paper making kits and paper making supplies.

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Anonymous Ellice - Australia said...

mmmm making paper - its one of those "homey" things that gives you that warm fuzzy feeling. I have found the following additions to be wonderful in paper as well: dried chilli flakes and seeds, cotton thread scraps, petals and tiny flowers like alyssum, glitter, leaves, grass, food colouring, ground coffee, aluminium foil, herbs and spices such as nutmeg, cinnamon and vanilla - such yummy fragrances. My favourite addition is flower seeds - the recipient can plant the card in her garden and not feel bad about throwing out a beautiful card!!

4:23 PM  

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