Monday, November 17, 2008

Graceful Leaves

Due to life in general, this is the picture I had intended for last Friday's "You frame it Friday" picture.

Now, if you think a picture comprised of two skinny leaves is far from intriguing, that's ok. Those feelings are perfectly normal. Feel free to click elsewhere, but please come back on Friday when I post one of my more traditional pressed flower pictures.

For the rest of you, aren't these leaves beautiful? They are from the understory from the north woods of Wisconsin, picked the very afternoon before the season ending hard frost. Each leaf was growing directly out of the ground underneath the tall pines, and the leaves reminded me of single Solomon's Seal leaves. Up close I can see the pretty delicate veining in the leaves. The graceful stems are a reddish brown. I wish I know exactly what they were.

These graceful leaves have been mounted on my handmade paper, and sealed with UV resistant polymers. They are matted in a white acid-free mat, and are ready to be framed on an 8 x 10" frame.

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