Monday, March 16, 2009

Aerogarden update 2

My 8 year old actually took this picture several weeks ago, so my current Aerogarden crop is even more lush than this. The small basil on the right has now caught up to the others.

As you can see, the basil in the center definitely needs a trim! In fact, every other day I need to perform a good trim. Even though I have 4 basil plants (along with mint, dill, and thyme) I usually only have enough basil leaves for a small batch of pesto, so I usually use my basil trimmings to make fresh bruschetta, which is heavenly on my homemade 10 grain sour dough bread. Never made it before? This bruschetta recipe is a good starting point, but I also add some finely chopped onion if I have it on hand.

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Blogger Terra said...

Oh yum, can I come over to your house and have some bruschetta and basil?
Thanks for the comment on my blog about the bean tipi.

12:31 PM  
Blogger Elizabeth said...

Dear Terra,

Yes you can and you are welcome.


1:33 PM  
Blogger Annie Fentz - Smith said...

Oh I LOVE Basil!!!! So many wonderful flavors to choose from and they grow so quickly! I wonder if there is a way to make pesto without the oil. Have you ever heard of any? Maybe just chop it up and freeze it...hmmm...I'll have to google that!

Blessings to you Miss Elizabeth!!

7:16 AM  
Blogger Elizabeth said...

Hi Annie,

Check out this pesto recipe - it only uses a little oil, and also recommends using pasta water:
(It looks like you might have to cut and paste it into the browser)

All of this pesto talk is making me hungry, and it's only 8:35 am!

7:34 AM  

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