Monday, January 05, 2009

So far, so good...

Discipline. So far today, I've been able to stick to my plan of action with out wavering, and I'm proud! Now, if I can continue to do this for the next 360 days...

One of the first items on my to do list this morning was to create a "Squidoo" page. It's an assignment from my art marketing group, and it's due by tomorrow's meeting. In a nutshell, Squidoo is an informational portal where users can set up their own "lenses" on any subject they choose. My lens still needs quite a bit of work, but basically it's about how to press flowers, and will include links to my pressed flower tutorials. Apparently you can also link up to appropriate affilliate sites and earn adsense money for yourself, or a charity of your choosing, but at this point I'm just interested in driving more traffic to my blog and website via my own links.

Placing links on Squidoo was tricky, and involved some html coding that I wasn't familiar with. To save you some time and frustration, here is a helpful link I found explaining how to add a link in a Squidoo lens.

Back to my to do list. Next on my list is to get tonight's BBQ beef brisket going in the slow cooker...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good morning Elizabeth! I've never heard of squidoo. Is it like facebook or myspace? I'll add you to my blogroll, maybe you'll get a couple more visitors.

You also might look into blogotanical (sp?) I think a lot of gardeners would love to learn how to press their flowers.

Have a wonderful day!

8:14 AM  
Blogger Elizabeth said...

Hi Ang,

Squidoo, from what I understand, is more like an information portal, but it can be useful to bring more traffic to your site. It does seem to have a social feel to it tho, kind of like facebook.

Thanks for the reminder to look into blogtanical. I actually follow him on twitter and have been meaning to do that...Thanks for putting me on your blog roll! I will add yours as well!


9:41 AM  

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