Thursday, March 16, 2006

Swift Rejection

Last week I finally called the Chicago Botanic Garden. It took me awhile to get up the nerve, well, actually a long while, but after the encouragement of a number of artist friends and mentors, I called the curator of the Chicago Botanic Garden Gift Shop, and asked for an appointment to show my pressed flower cards.

Before I made the call, I went over a number of scenarios in my mind, planned out what I would say, and anticipated various questions that might come up. Finally I mustered up all my confidence, took a deep breath and made the call.

I was not prepared for the response I got. Laughter. Laughter? I was definitely caught off guard.

“Pressed flower cards? (while cackling) We have lost so much money on pressed flower cards. Nobody ever buys them. They are a waste of money – I’m definitely not interested in seeing your cards.”

The conversation pretty much died from there. I hadn’t anticipated that kind of response, and was basically speechless. Of course later I thought of lots of responses, brilliant responses, such as the fact that my cards are already in over 15 stores and galleries nationwide…

Thankfully that day was one of those breathtakingly beautiful warm early spring days, and I spent the remainder of the day with my son exploring the gardens and looking for new signs of life, and clearing away last year’s spent plants. Sure, rejection happens, but I’m thankful that it’s just a minuscule part of our life experience. God’s grace and new life are always all around us, and I am thankful.

By the way, I was accepted as a U.S. distributor for the Microfleur Flower Press, the exact press I use. This is pretty exciting for me, because I love this flower press, and it’s really a vital tool of my business.

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