Tuesday, October 30, 2007

See you next year, God willing

As I type this the windows are rattling and I can feel a rumbling vibration under my feet. The farmer is harvesting the corn from the field bordering our backyard. I am not a farmer, but how great it is to experience a bit of the harvest up close.

Tomorrow night we’ll celebrate God’s Harvest as a family, and forgo the usual Halloween traditions. Tom and I will take the kids out to eat, and afterwards I’ll break out the candy corn, autumn colored M&M’s (I love those!) and we’ll talk about God’s many blessings to us.

I loved Halloween as a kid, and my brother and sister and I took trick or treating very seriously – it was an athletic event we practically trained for. My kids are aware of what they’re missing – they are certainly exposed to Halloween in the public school they go to. But, I think having a cornfield in our backyard and seeing the actual progression from barren ground, to seed, to seedling, to plant, to glorious huge golden cornstalk loaded with corn…helps them to see and feel the rhythm of God’s providence, His blessings. I know it has blessed me, and I'm grateful.



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