Thursday, October 18, 2007

Turning over a new leaf...

I make pressed flower cards.
I’ve been selling them for about five years now, first to friends and relatives, then at a local farmer’s market, and a few small craft fairs.

Today I sell most of them via Elizabeth's Flowers, to stores, galleries and individuals throughout the U.S., and a number of them even find their way to other parts of the world.

I have always taken pride in the fact that because I use heavyweight card stock, and mount the pressed flowers on my sturdy handmade paper, they are tough little cards and can make their way through the mail with out a problem. I was glad, because I don’t like the look of contact paper over the delicate flowers, I didn’t want to use messy Modge Podge, and I wasn’t about to laminate all my cards as some people do.

But… every once in awhile it came to my attention that one of my cards didn’t make it. Someone opened up a card, and a little cloud of pressed flower confetti fell into their lap. I must be a fluke, I told myself, for awhile.

Finally I came to the point of deciding not to make pressed flower cards anymore. I couldn’t guarantee that each one would reach their destinations intact, and I didn’t know how to remedy the situation in a way that wouldn’t detract from the beauty of the flowers. I said a quick prayer about this, not really expecting the God of the universe to care much about my card making dilemma, but wouldn’t you know it, I had my answer with in 24 hours.

To be continued…



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