Thursday, November 15, 2007

Ocean Art

Today's post has nothing to do with plants, for once!
My friend Bonnie from the Antioch Fine Arts Foundation
(the gallery I belong to) has been accepted into the prestigious Milwaukee Public Television Channel 10 Holiday Art Show to be held this coming weekend.

Bonnie loves diving (even with sharks, which concerns me) and her passion for the hidden beauty under the surface of the sea really shines through in her ocean art.

Bonnie and I are both trying to find our way in the world of marketing our art, and we enjoy bouncing our ideas off of each other. Lately we've been discussing a very interesting CD called "Dynamic Sales and Customer Service Techniques - for Artists" by Bruce Baker. Some of his ideas are very basic, but as an artist who has sold his work for many years, he shares some very valuable and even surprising insights. I'm looking forward to hearing how Bonnie puts some of these techniques into practice at her show this weekend. Good luck Bonnie!

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