Friday, January 04, 2008

Framing idea for pressed flowers

I have a row of four of these primitive wooden frames filled with colorful pressed flowers and scripture in my kitchen. I bought a box full of these frames about 5 years ago on ebay, and apparently they are some type of antique contact frames that were used by photographers. On the back of some of the frames there is a dial with numbers 1-12, but no indication of where they were made. The frames were filthy when I received them, but after cleaning them with Murphy's Oil Soap and polishing them with Formby's Tung Oil, they developed a stunning rich, beautiful luster.

The south facing wall these pictures are hanging on is sunny, so when ever I come upon a new flower I would like to use in my pressed flower art, it spends a trial period in one of these frames, and if it hold its color, I begin to use it. Since there is no glass, I protect the flowers from moisture, dust, and UV rays with a thin layer of Perfect Paper Adhesive. The backs of these frames pop off, so its really easy to swap out pictures, and I change them quite often - in the fall I like to put up bold autumn leaf pictures, in the spring I might put up colorful crocuses, and one year I made a row of "Christmas tree" fern pictures.
I wish I could give you a source for these unique frames, but the best I can do is point you to ebay, or encourage you to make friends with a really old photographer!
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