Monday, November 24, 2008

The Sunshine Family

Earlier this morning I checked my email for the first time since Friday, and I have 137 messages. My husband would laugh at me and say "that's nothing!" For me, a creator and purveyor of pressed flower things, that's a lot of emails! I think I'd rather write a blog post instead of dealing with those just now.

I spent the weekend at the Prairie Waldorf School's Yuletide Faire in Pewaukee, Wisconsin. I'm thankful that despite the shaky economy I did fairly well, but what an experience.

Do you remember the "granola" like Sunshine Family? My sister had those dolls from the 70's, and while at that Faire it seemed as if I had found myself immersed in their world. From what I understand, Waldorf schools apparently are based on experiential learning, with a focus on nature, crafts, and the natural rhythms and energies of the universe. For a conservative Christian like me, this atmosphere was a bit foreign, but I found it very interesting. Most amazing to me, though, was the children themselves. It seemed as if the entire school body was present through out the Faire; performing, helping, serving, selling, etc. The kids were amazing - calm, polite, inquisitive, respectful, and unusually well behaved. I was definitely impressed with them.

Now, time to get back to those emails...



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