Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hope for uncertain times

I know. It's Christmas, and we are filled with joy and anticipation, as we get ready to celebrate our Savior's birth with family and friends. Rightly so! But despite the specialness of this season, aren't we all are a bit unsettled, as we try in vain to block out all the dire economic news?

My family is blessed.
My husband still has his job, for the moment, but continued layoffs are expected. God has been good to my Elizabeth's Flower's and leaf petals endeavors, but my income won't come close to supporting our family should my husband lose his job. So, although we are fine, and I am thankful, in moments of quiet I can detect uneasiness deep inside.

Last week Revive our Hearts had an awesome series called "Hope for uncertain times" that I found to be completely reassuring. I needed to be reminded that these unsettling times are not catching God off guard - He loves us just has much as He always does, and is working things out according to His plan, as He always does. And, most importantly, even if things do get difficult, anything that makes us need God is a blessing.

You can listen to the first program of the series here. There is also a helpful "Hope for uncertain times" brochure you can download for free, a gold mine of wisdom and comfort.

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