Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Eagle Cam!

Oh, this is bad news for me. Especially now…when I have crocuses to press, and seedlings to tend to, a handmade paper class to prepare for, and preparations for spring art shows…not to mention the normal “Mom” duties I have.

I have a thing for big birds…sand hill cranes, blue herons, hawks and eagles. I’m not exactly sure why, but they fascinate me.

We live in a fairly rural area, and I am constantly scanning the sky as I drive (much to the horror of friends and family) looking for one of my birds… and 7 times out of 10, especially in the spring and summer, I end up seeing one of them. Often, I send up a prayer of thanks when I see one, especially a beautiful sand hill crane.

Anyways, I came upon a link for a live “eagle cam” this morning while checking out as I do every morning. Years ago the Milwaukee PBS station had an eagle cam feed from northern Wisconsin, and in between episodes of Sesame Street, Calliou, Mister Rogers, and Barney, they would show a minute or two of the eagles. No, I wasn’t glued to the TV, but my children graciously and excitedly called me in whenever the eagle was on. Together we waited patiently for the mother eagle to hatch her eggs, we rejoiced when the little eaglets finally broke through their shells, we cried when the weaker and smaller of the two eaglets died. We were grossed out at feeding time, and watched with amazement at the rapid transformation the cute and fuzzy chick, into a young powerful eagle.

Here’s the eagle cam link for you. The nest is on Hornby Island, in British Columbia.
A few minutes ago I saw that she has two eggs, but things are fairly quiet now. It’s the time of waiting.



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