Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Deer Proof Heirloom Flowers

As much as I look forward to ordering my flower seeds every year, I take my yearly seed ordering duties very seriously. I scour piles of different seed catalogues; and check out countless websites - looking for the most beautiful, new and unusual pressable flowers I can find. And, being the cheapskate I am, I’m always very interested in getting the most for my money. My calculator gets a workout.

All of this takes quite awhile, and when I’m finally done, it’s a blessing. But the other day, a friend of mine gave me a link to one of the most unusual flower website I’ve seen, and despite being a bit “burnt out” from flower ordering, I thought this site was a hoot. Deer Proof Heirloom Flowers is a small collection of age old flowers from old home sites in Appalachia, and the “stories” of the women who raised them. The stories are written in the dialect of the hills, and most of them are hilarious, a few are a bit spicy, and one or two are kind of sad.

What a clever idea for a flower site! I’d love to know if marketing their flowers this way is successful for them. At any rate, I’m thinking that Jane Linscott's flowering onions are a definite maybe. What do you think?



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