Saturday, February 17, 2007

Gallery Reception Part 2

The reception at the gallery last week went great!

Although the majority of the people stopping by were friends, family, and fellow gallery members (as opposed to throngs of art dealers clamoring for my art) both Lisa and I made a number of sales. Of course, we especially enjoyed spending the afternoon mingling and snacking. Here are a few more pictures, if you're interested.

Next Saturday at the gallery is my “Adventures in Handmade Papermaking for Beginners” class. I’ll be teaching my students how to make various types of handmade paper primarily from recycled paper. Some of the different types of paper we’ll be making include: flower petal paper, confetti paper, flax paper, and green tea paper (my favorite at the moment). Specific techniques will include coloration, and incorporating wire embossing and string lamination, among other things. The last segment of the workshop will be a “free for all” where the students will be able to combine all the techniques they’ve learned and come up with their own unique papers.

I’m looking forward to it! I always seem to learn something each time I teach a class – either about the techniques themselves, or from the contagious enthusiasm and fresh ideas my students come up with.

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