Wednesday, November 22, 2006


I’ve been on a personal mission for the past year or so to increase my gratitude quotient. In other words, I’ve been practicing the “attitude of gratitude”, especially in relation to my faith in God. I’ve had mixed success.

Sometimes in the midst of some pretty difficult circumstances, I’ve been able to be thankful… by trusting in God completely, and being grateful for His love, despite the problems piling up around me. I’m thankful that He gives me the ability to do so, during trying times, because I know this isn’t one of my natural abilities. It’s a gift from Him.

Other times, I start my day out on a thankful cheerful note, only to have a child walk across the kitchen floor I just washed with his or her muddy shoes, and I become the crabbiest most ungrateful mother in the universe. Why? Why is my thankful attitude so strong some times, and other times it’s more fragile than a snowflake?

Pride. I read about it just this morning, in another blog I like to visit regularly called Solo Femininity. Carolyn McCulley explains that the antidote to pride is - you guessed it, thankfulness!

I’ll keep plugging away at thankfulness, and now I’ll try to be more aware of my pride level as well. I’m off to write in my gratitude journal for a few minutes, before I get busy preparing for Thanksgiving tomorrow. I’ll begin by being thankful for the blessing of those six little feet that track mud on my floors!

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Blogger Elizabeth said...

I saw your name over at Homeliving Helper and was intrigued to meet another Elizabeth in the blog-o-sphere. I love the name, "Elizabeth's Flower's." My blog has a flower name in it too -- The Merry Rose -- Blooming as Keeper of my Home.

Gratitude is an onging discipline, isn't it?


7:50 PM  
Blogger Elizabeth said...

Dear Elizabeth,

Thank you for your comment. I agree, gratitude certainly is an ongoing dicipline. One that we really have to work at to keep in the forefront of our thoughts.

Thanks for stopping by!


10:49 AM  

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