Thursday, August 23, 2007


Thursday nights are “my nights." I am off limits to all kids, husband, and pets once the supper dishes have been cleared, and I set up my laptop in the living room, grab two or three diet cherry 7-ups, and “work” on the computer until the wee hours of the morning. Sometimes I do much needed updates on my web sites and answer e-mails, but more often than not I do what I like to call “necessary marketing research." I surf.

Last night I came across this site while googling “oshibana” which is the Japanese art of making pictures with pressed plants. If you click your way through the menu down the center of the page, you’ll see quite a refreshing array of pressed flower art. I don’t really care to make pictures with pressed plants as the oshibana purists do, (I prefer a more “botanical” art style), but I admire the amazing talent and creativity of these artists.

This is the picture that I found most the inspiring on the site. I love how they put a translucent orchid on top of what looks to be a poem. That gives me an idea…

See, “necessary marketing research” is a valuable way to spend one’s Thursday night. Try it sometime.

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