Friday, August 03, 2007

Finishing school coming to a blog near you...

Elizabeth (a different Elizabeth), of the Merry Rose, and Emma of Charming the Birds from the Trees, are running a Finishing School in blogdom this summer. They have recruited various guest “instructors” who are expected to write five blog entries during their assigned week in their area of expertise. Subjects include personal presentation, French and Asian culture, baking, needlework/sewing, gift giving, home keeping, and flowers. Guess who was asked to cover flowers?

Coming up with five consecutive entries in one week certainly will be challenging for me, given my past blogging track record. However, I'm hoping that this opportunity will help me become a lot more consistent.

So, come back each day next week, and learn about simple flower arranging, growing a cutting garden, flowers in the home, creating centerpieces, and herbal arrangements. And, feel free to leave comments or questions. I’d appreciate your input!



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