Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I was saving the scan of this pressed flower "Congratulations!" card to use in honor of the Packer's Super Bowl win, but sadly they lost in the last round of the playoffs Sunday night.
Sigh. Maybe next year.

But on to happier things. The interesting flower used for this card is called "Pigs face!" It's not a very dignified name for such a stunning flower, but I think overcomes its moniker with those wonderfully slender and brilliant petals.

My e-friend Ellice from the land down under recommended this native plant as one of her favorite flowers to press. It's a succulent often found on the beaches of Australia, and luckily I was able to find a number of vendors on Ebay who sold it. My pigs face plant didn't fare too well during our wet summer here in Wisconsin, but the few blooms I had pressed beautifully in the Microfleur. I'm going to try it again next year.

Speaking of the Microfleur, stay tuned next week for an interview with Jennie Beecroft, the designer and manufacturer of the Microfleur. Jennie graciously agreed to answer a number of questions regarding her interest in pressed flowers, and how the Microfleur microwave flower press came to be. I hope you find her answers as interesting as I did.

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