Monday, August 25, 2008

Making paper bowls

I signed up to teach a series of paper bowl making classes at the gallery in October, only to realize that I have sold or given away nearly all of the paper bowls I've made in the past. I'll need examples!

So here's what I was doing this morning. In the silver bowl at the top is what used to be watercolor paper scraps from a friend that I've recycled in the blender. I also added some CMC for added strength.

Then I applied a light coating of Vaseline to the inside of the other two bowls. In one I laid several hosta leaves, vein side up, and then applied the recycled paper pulp into the bowl, on top of the leaves. In this picture I was only part way done - I actually applied the pulp up to the rim of the bowl. In the other one, I placed a number of colorful yarns and fibers into the bowl first, and then added the pulp.

As I applied the pulp, I pressed it down with a sponge to soak up excess water, and to strengthen the bonding of the recycled paper fibers. There are other ways to make paper bowls, and I'll post some of them soon.

These bowls will take several days to dry - I'll show them to you then.

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