Monday, September 08, 2008

Getting connected

Last Thursday I was having a "low energy day" and couldn't seem to make myself do any of the things on my "next action" list.

I determined that it would be a good day to become more socially connected. I had been meaning to do it anyway, and I could do it sitting down.

First of all, I joined Linked In. I'm off to a modest start - only 2 connections, but we'll see what happens.

Then I clicked over to Facebook. Actually I joined back in February, but never did much with it, so I spiffed up my profile a tiny bit. Once again, only 2 friends, and one of them is my mother in law (bless her).

Finally, I joined Twitter - an interesting phenomenon consisting of "micro" blogging. Really micro - one has only 140 characters to tell the world what you happen to be doing or thinking at the moment. Its very interesting, and I can see how addicting it could be.

I'm not sure about the intrinsic value of Twitter, or any of these "tools" of becoming more socially connected. I use the internet to promote my art and the products I sell, so that I can hopefully make a profit and continue to do what I love. However, I also struggle with spending too much time on the internet. It is one of my weaknesses, and it is so easy to get sidetracked, slip off onto a tangent, and before I know it an hour has slipped by, often wasted.

God, family, art, marketing my art on the internet. I need to work hard at keeping these priorities in their proper order.

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Anonymous Bonnielynn said...

You, my dear, spend entirely too much time on the computer !!!! ha !
Thanks for looking at the Primals at the gallery. They were fun and different to do.

6:45 AM  

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