Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Another line of lavender

Lavender Line
14" x 7"
Sold/Consignment for Jen M.

I have made a lot of "lavender lines" lately, and although it's more interesting to make new creations as opposed to doing the same thing over and over, I love how each of my lavender pictures seems to come together in a different way. Each has it's own uniqueness.

This morning I gave myself permission to procrastinate for just a little while, and on a blog I visit every so often there was a a quote from Edith Schaeffer that really made me sit up and take notice:

"There is a staggering diversity in Creation from the silence of snow to the delicate sound of rain on leaves...

The captivating ingredient in the whole fantastic stream of reality is that the Creator God created beings in His likeness so that each one could be a creator..."

Two reminders. One being of how vast and varied creation is, and the other, that the Creator of all things also gave us a portion of His of creativity, so that we too can create in many many different ways. That's why artists can use the same media over and over again, and each time something different appears.

How amazingly kind of God to share His creativity with us.



Blogger Rebekah Smith said...

hi, elizabeth!:-)

i love your lavender lines!:-)

buttercup lines are fun too!:-)...or grass lines:-)...or lobelia lines:-)...

and you're right!:-)...every one is different and beautiful in it's own way:-)


8:37 AM  
Blogger Elizabeth said...

Thanks Rebekah,

A grass line is a great idea - I like that!


10:09 AM  

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