Friday, February 12, 2010

Unframed "Groovy Calendula"

I have a number of new pressed flower art pieces to photograph and post on my website, so here's the first in line, because it makes me smile.

Groovy Calendula is made from two of my largest golden calendula flowers from last summer (over two inches across!) with rich burgundy centers, and green fun and curvy stems.

The 5 x 7" piece of handmade paper I made for this piece is really, really textured.  In fact the paper wasn't pressed after it was formed, so it ended up being very wavy, similar to the stems of the calendula.

Speaking of calendula, it is one of my favorite flowers to press in the Microfleur, so be sure to order some seeds when you place your seed catalog order this year.  I've read that calendula is edible! I've never tried it though.

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Blogger Rebekah Smith said...

hi, elizabeth!:-)

how wonderful to be able to use your very own flowers:-) nurtured them as seeds...watched them flower...and then turned them into beautiful art!:-)

they made me smile too!:-)


6:42 AM  
Blogger Elizabeth said...

Thanks Rebekah! Using my own flowers is definitely a blessing, but it often makes my art hard to part with!


12:14 PM  

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