Wednesday, March 23, 2011

In a matter of days... pressing crocuses in the Microfleur

12 x 12"
Pressed flowers on handmade paper
In a matter of days I will be pressing the first crocuses of the year (smile).  This winter has seemed unusually  l  o  n  g  to me, has it been that way for you? I'm hoping not. At any rate, my little purple crocuses have begun to peak out, and I am on the look out for the large yellow crocuses in the picture above which usually aren't far behind..

For those of you new to pressing flowers, you may want to check out my tutorial on pressing crocus flowers in the Microfleur.  Crocuses are delicate, but with care both the flowers and the classy stripped leaves press very well. This year, since Easter is so late, I will have plenty of time to make pressed crocus Easter cards.    

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