Thursday, December 16, 2010

Pressed Flower Artists: A great tip, from a kind reader...

Back in September, Marj from Ontario emailed me with several questions about using Perfect Paper Adhesive (my go-to pressed flower sealant), but unfortunately she had one question I couldn't help her with.

She was having trouble using the PPA to seal pressed flowers that she had glued onto card stock, because in sealing the flowers with the PPA, a slight amount of PPA would get onto the card stock, causing it to warp. Because I glue my flowers onto my absorbent handmade paper, I've never dealt with warping, and didn't have an answer for her.  But, recently Marj emailed me again, with a solution for her problem:

"In September you kindly answered questions I had about the Perfect Paper Adhesive. I have been having great success with the product since then and am so grateful for your help. I think that I was probably using a bit too much initially. Sometimes I 'top coat' the plant material first, placing it on a piece of baker's parchment paper (which can be re-used many times) to dry without sticking. Then I adhere the chosen bits to my card design. It is so reassuring to think that they are then hardy enough for the postal service."
I love the idea of "top coating!" I can see that coming in handy for a number of different projects I have planned, especially one involving rice paper...  Marj also included the above Christmas card, and she says:

"...the 'balls' on the tree are hole punched from an autumn Bergenia leaf which turned a lovely red, and the star is a bit of Queen Anne's Lace."

Great ideas Marj!  Thanks so much for sharing them, and your art with us!

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Anonymous homemanager said...

Thank you for sharing, Elizabeth and Marj! I could see why you would want to top coat the leaves. I have found that the leaves are more supple after applying the PPA. I haven't had much warping because my plant pieces are small. I haven't done much with larger plants.

12:45 PM  

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