Thursday, March 30, 2006

Free Garden Design Class

Barnes and Noble University is offering a free Garden Design class. Well known garden book author Becke Davis will be the instructor, and the class will focus on basic design concepts for those who already have a working knowledge of garden plants.

I’m excited about taking this class. My gardens are very utilitarian. They tend to be brimming with flowers that can be pressed, with my favorite herbs and heirloom vegetables slotted in wherever there’s room. I’m looking forward to learning how to structure my gardens in a more aesthetically pleasing way – a way that highlights the beauty of the plants. And perhaps I’ll even learn some concepts that will prove useful to my artwork.

The class starts on Monday, so look into it right away of you’re leaning towards taking it. There is one required book, and a number of recommended books, but other than that, it’s free!



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