Tuesday, March 27, 2007

New Beginnings!

An early spring thunderstorm (as opposed to an early morning snowstorm) reminded me this morning of new beginnings, and inspired a new card. Another winter has passed and once again my crocuses are in full bloom. After a 3 month flower pressing hiatus, I’ve been happily pressing a number of them in my Microfleur. Crocuses press wonderfully, and last year at this time I wrote a tutorial on How to Press Crocus Flowers with the Microfleur, just in case you’re interested.

My husband and I are reading through the Bible once again this year, using the NIV Daily Bible in Chronological Order. It’s awesome because since it’s in chronological order, you really get a feel for “who” and “what” fits where in the Bible, especially in the Old Testament. Anyways, one thing that continually jumps out at me as I’ve been reading lately, is how our God is a God of second chances… and third, and fourth chances, and so on and so on! The Israelites were such short-sited, ungrateful, thick headed, self-centered wimps (just like you and I can be) and yet more often than not, He willingly gives them a fresh new beginning. Even when He has had enough, and finally comes down on them, He soon longs to reestablish a caring relationship with them. He is certainly a God of new beginnings, and I am so grateful.

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Anonymous Ellice said...

That is so true! God does give us second chances and forgives our sins. Titus 2:13.14 Out of appreciation for this marvelous provision, we all must strive to diligently overcome sinful tendencies (no stealing elephant leaves he he just joking)and to never even think to deliberately do anything we know is sinful, just because we have God's forgiveness. "Do not me misled, God is not one to be mocked..." Gal 6:7 PS I think it is great that you are reading the Bible with your husband, after all that is what we are told to do! Psalms 1:2

3:27 PM  
Anonymous John said...

I like the NIV so much that I have three of them and promote it on my web site.

5:49 PM  

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