Monday, June 25, 2007

Busy Pressing Flowers

This is tradescantia, actually it's the backside of the flowers, all lined up and ready to go into my Microfleur microwave flower press. In less than 90 seconds they'll be pressed and ready to go. The front side of these flowers (also commonly known as spiderwort), are stunning with their golden yellow stamens which really pop against the bright fuchsia.
Tradescantia have long strapping leaves, similiar to iris, and when I make pressed flower cards with them, I use thick blades of grass to mimic their leaves. I'll try to get some cards made in the next day or two to show you.

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Anonymous dsdWEB said...

The Spiderwort look lovely, Elizabeth.

I'd be interested to hear of any other ideas you have for using pressed flowers (besides cards).

I have made a short list of flower pressing project ideas here and would be interested if you have anything I could add to it.

Kind Regards,


4:04 PM  
Blogger Elizabeth said...

Dear dsdweb,

Thank you for the kind compliment.
I checked out your site(very nice) and your list of flower pressing ideas is great.
I would add that in regards to pressed flower art, that instead of using pressed flowers to "color" a picture, celebrate the beauty of the plant itself, and press not only the flower, but also its stem and leaves, and create a life like botanical picture.

Also, add pressed flowers to embellish handmade paper, and use the paper for scrap booking pages, art collages, handmade journals, etc. I now have handmade papermaking kits available on my site- they are the same ones I use for all of my pressed flower art.
Kind Regards,

9:04 PM  

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