Thursday, February 21, 2008

to blend or not to blend... question and answer

Hi Elizabeth:
Could you please answer a question for me. I have been surfing the web for information regarding paper-making. The one thing they all have in common is using a blender. I'd like to know if a food processor could be used instead. If not.....why a blender?? Just curious!!! I know you sell a paper-making kit which I may purchasing a little later.

Thank-you......... Val

Hi Val, Thanks for writing!

You know, I’m not sure! I don’t know that much about food processors – I only use mine for making bread dough or pesto. I do know that blenders are capable of “liquefying” just about anything, and for paper making you need enough power to separate and isolate each and every fiber so that it can be suspended in liquid. I don’t know if food processors are powerful enough for that.

On a more practical side, food processors can be quite expensive, and adequate blenders can be found for less than $20.00 at discount stores, or for even less at Goodwill, rummage sales, etc.

I would recommend getting a hold of an inexpensive blender, and using it only for paper making (it’s hard to get a blender really clean after making paper in it). Once you try paper making you’re sure to get hooked, and having a blender dedicated to paper making will be well worth your investment.

Speaking of making paper, my paper making kits have been out of stock for a number of weeks, because the man who was hand crafting the wooden frames used for the mold and deckles was unable to continue. Recently I've been able to obtain a limited number, so thankfully my paper making kits are back in stock for the time being. (Note: you might have to hit the "refresh" button in order to get rid of the "out of stock" message on my website)

I'm still looking for a skillful retired woodworker to hire, so if you know of anyone in south east Wisconsin or north east Illinois please let me know!

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