Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Paper making with Keith Green

I love handmade paper - I use handmade paper in my art and for my cards, I sell paper making kits, and I even teach paper making. But here's a little known secret about me - sometimes I find that paper making can be a bit dull. Especially when I'm behind, and have a lot of paper to make to fill my orders.

Today has been different - I've been making paper with Keith Green. I had forgotten all about him, but since my husband gave me with an ipod this Christmas (bless him), I've delved back into the music of my past, and it's been such a treat. Once I had kids, my musical world shrunk down to Veggie Tales, Sesame Street, and Kid's Praise (thankfully they never got into Barney). I had set my CD's tapes and albums aside, and basically forgot about them until I received a 4 gigabyte ipod that needed filling.

Keith Green was a radical Christian musician from the late 70's who never pulled any punches. His lyrics were convicting, very honest, and even a bit sarcastic at times. His songs were not "sugar coated," like Christian music often is. Listening to his music while I was working today was really uplifting - almost like being at a mini retreat. I had forgotten the power music sometimes has.

Want to find out more about Keith Green? Listen to samples of his music here and read about his life here.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

keith green rocks. He was so authentic. He used to give his albums for whatever anyone could afford.

10:50 AM  

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