Thursday, January 24, 2008

How to store pressed flowers

Reader friend Val recently asked:

I'm having a bit of a dilemma. I have pressed and purchased so many flowers/botanicals over the past few years and I am now at my wits end trying to store/display them so I can find what I am looking for at a glance.

You know how it is when you are looking for just the right little piece of grass or leaf that curls in the right direction. Is there some way I can store all my large/small leaves, grasses, large/small pressed flowers, and all the bits and pieces that I need to find quickly and yet keep them all safe...flat...and accessible?

I have used small rectangular plastic tubs with lids and placed sheets of wax paper and thin cardboard to separate the different kinds of flowers etc. But it is becoming increasingly difficult and time consuming to lift out all the sheets until I find just the right piece I am looking for. There has to be a simpler way to organize these items.

I know that you probably have ten times the amount of pressed flowers etc. than I do and your time is precious as well. How do you keep yourself organized? Any help you could give me would be great!!!! Thanks in advance.....Val"

Thanks so much for your question, Val. It is one that I continue to wrestle with, but I have come up with a few innovations for storing my pressed flowers that are working for me, and I also am aware of some storing techniques that other pressed flower artists use.

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Anonymous Helga said...

Excellent advice - I love the idea of keeping the flowers in file folders - I will have to try that this summer.

8:32 PM  
Anonymous Photo Buffet said...

Thanks for the good tips. I love pressed-flower cards, and it would be fun to try it myself this summer with my 8-year-old granddaughter.

12:00 PM  

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