Friday, May 26, 2006

Microfleur Flower List

Flowers that press well using the Microfleur Microwave Flower Press:

For those of you who are new to pressing flowers, I’d like to initiate a list of flowers which press well with the Microfleur Microwave Flower Press. (I’ve mentioned before that the Microfleur press is the main press I use – I think it’s wonderful!) The flowers listed below are flowers that I have found to consistently press beautifully in the Microfleur. I will be adding to this list from time to time, as I come across new flowers.

Also, please feel free to email me with your own discoveries, and I’d be happy to add them to our list!

- babies breath
- black-eyed-susans (Small ones. I grow a wild variety in the shade to keep them petite)
- borage flowers
- calendula (Flowers only. Sometimes the foliage burns when microwaved!)
- chamomile

- chive flowers (However, your Microfleur pads will smell like onions for quite sometime!)
- chrysanthemums
- common daisies
- coreopsis
- cosmos
- crocus
- delphinium
- edelweiss
- English daisy
- flax (the scarlet flax darkens to a pretty burgundy color)
- forget-me-nots
- heuchera flowers
- hydrangea blossoms
- larkspur
- lavender (they smell wonderful as they are being pressed!)
- lobelia (especially the red, purple, and blue types)
- orchids (the small fuchsia type. The flowers must be carefully dismantled before pressing)
- osteospermum (these are tricky, but the results can be well worth the effort)
- pansies
- poppies (not the orange California poppy. They press well initially, but fade within days!)
- potentilla flowers
- pelargonium (perennial geranium species)
- roses (I don’t often choose to press them, but the red and deep pinks retain color well)
- scabiosa
- tickseed
- tulips (I’ve been successful with red, yellow, and lavender colors)
- trascantia/spiderwort (They fade within a few years, but look wonderful initially)
- Queen Anne’s Lace (One of the few flowers that press almost as well in a phone book!)
- verbena (Some types darken slightly, but overall they are well worth the effort)
- violas
- wild or woodland violets

Are you looking for a
Microfleur Microwave Flower Press? I am thrilled to have been appointed a US distributor of the Australian made Microfleur.

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Anonymous Ocea said...

Elizabeth, I find that when I adjust the setting of my microwave to a lower heat, I can successfully press calendula.

Another favourite of mine is lemongrass and wandering dew - the latter's small purple flowers are quite exquisite.

Glad you like the Microfleur. Sure beats microwaving with terracotta pavers! :)

1:07 AM  
Anonymous Movies said...

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