Friday, August 04, 2006


Presenting Elizabeth’s Flowers Etsy Shop

A number of my “E-friends” have been raging about how fun it is to shop on “Etsy”, and they’ve been encouraging me to open a shop an Etsy as well.

Basically it’s a place to “buy and sell all things handmade”, but what really stands it apart from others in the e-commerce Mecca, is that Etsy was designed by four creative guys (Rob from Brooklyn, Jared from Albuquerque, Haim from Jersey City and Chris from Philadelphia, who are trying to push the boundaries of how we shop online. Instead of “text only” searches that we do on places like eBay, or Amazon, the Etsy guys are exploring new technologies to lets us shop by color, place, time, and material. It’s really interesting!

Of course I’d like you to check out my budding store front first, but then try the cool the cool “Shop by Color” grid, the Geolocator, or the Time Machine. How fun!
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