Monday, August 09, 2010

Free skeleton leaves!

Absolutely free!  Here in Twin Lakes, and actually anywhere I've been in Wisconsin or Illinois lately I am often finding the ground sprinkled with free skeleton leaves!  Granted they aren't quite as pristine and colorful as those perfect albeit very fake looking ones you can buy at Michaels or on ebay, but they are beautiful, and every once in awhile I find an absolutely stunning one.  Often I keep the leaves their natural color, but sometimes I color them using Prismacolor art markers

Next time you go for a walk outside, bring along a small plastic bag in case you find some on the grass or pavement.  When you get home, either place them in your Microfleur, or just put them in a heavy book to press them flat.  Since most of their flesh has been removed (most likely by a Japanese Beetle) they will only take a day to two to completely dry and press flat.   

What have you made with skeleton leaves?

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