Thursday, December 16, 2010

Pressed Flower Artists: A great tip, from a kind reader...

Back in September, Marj from Ontario emailed me with several questions about using Perfect Paper Adhesive (my go-to pressed flower sealant), but unfortunately she had one question I couldn't help her with.

She was having trouble using the PPA to seal pressed flowers that she had glued onto card stock, because in sealing the flowers with the PPA, a slight amount of PPA would get onto the card stock, causing it to warp. Because I glue my flowers onto my absorbent handmade paper, I've never dealt with warping, and didn't have an answer for her.  But, recently Marj emailed me again, with a solution for her problem:

"In September you kindly answered questions I had about the Perfect Paper Adhesive. I have been having great success with the product since then and am so grateful for your help. I think that I was probably using a bit too much initially. Sometimes I 'top coat' the plant material first, placing it on a piece of baker's parchment paper (which can be re-used many times) to dry without sticking. Then I adhere the chosen bits to my card design. It is so reassuring to think that they are then hardy enough for the postal service."
I love the idea of "top coating!" I can see that coming in handy for a number of different projects I have planned, especially one involving rice paper...  Marj also included the above Christmas card, and she says:

"...the 'balls' on the tree are hole punched from an autumn Bergenia leaf which turned a lovely red, and the star is a bit of Queen Anne's Lace."

Great ideas Marj!  Thanks so much for sharing them, and your art with us!

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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Fireworks in December

One of the new plants I couldn't wait to grow last spring was Burpee's exclusive Fireworks flowers , an unruly shockingly pink Globe Amaranth. What a fun flower!  The ladies who walk past my house every morning stopped by several time to get a closer look, and even my kids, who are a bit "flowered out," as you can imagine,  found them "cool."

Although they are dimensional, they ended up pressing very well in the Microfleur, and their flat, graceful stems are an added plus.

This piece of Fireworks pressed flower art is created on 5 x 7" handmade paper, and mounted on fine Gilbert Oxford card stock.  It has been sealed with  UV resistant polymers, and is ready to frame in the 8 x 10" frame of your choice.

You can grow your own fireworks next spring!  The seeds are available here.  If you are interested in purchasing a Microfleur, you can do so here, and, remember, free gift wrapping is available on all Microfleurs and paper making kits from now until December 20th. 

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