Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lunch Time...

The microgreens I'm growing on my kitchen table have really taken off, and a friend and I will be adding them to a big salad in just a few minutes for lunch. The seeds I used were Pine Tree Garden's Kitchen Sink Mix, with over 16 different kinds greens. They were surprisingly easy to grow - after planting the seeds I covered the top of the planter with saran wrap, until they sprouted.  After that, they were ready for clipping in just a few weeks.
But, before we eat, I just wanted to thank everyone for participating in last week's Mid Month Give Away.  I'm happy to announce that our winner was Patty S. from Arizona.  She is an experienced maker of handmade paper, and is looking forward to using the mold and deckle to make bookmarks for her visitors at an upcoming art exhibition she will be participating in this May. Best wishes to you Patty!

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Something else for free...

Lifehacker.com has an interesting article this morning about growing an endless supply of free onions, using their gnarly old roots. I was cutting onions last night, and the bottoms I sliced off are still in a plastic grocery bag hanging on a nail in the garage, waiting to be carried out to the compost pile. 

I'm off to reclaim them and to see if growing a free supply of onions is as easy as Lifehacker says it is...

Speaking of free, don't forget our Mid Month Give Away, which ends Friday at noon Central time.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Mid Month Monday Give Away - Book Mark Mold and Deckle


I know last month's give away was a paper making kit - I'm not in a rut, I'm just celebrating two recent large orders of my new bookmark mold and deckles, one to a school and the other to a children's museum.

I have yet to see anyone else selling these on the internet, but this 7 x 2" mold and deckle is perfect for showing off and esprcially sharing  your handmade paper making skills.

To be included in the drawing, please fill out the information below. Please only enter one time per month.  The drawing closes this Friday at noon Central time, and the winner will be notified by Email.

If you have an item of interest to Elizabeth's Flowers readers, and would like to be considered for our Mid Month Monday Drawing, please email me.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Unframed "Groovy Calendula"

I have a number of new pressed flower art pieces to photograph and post on my website, so here's the first in line, because it makes me smile.

Groovy Calendula is made from two of my largest golden calendula flowers from last summer (over two inches across!) with rich burgundy centers, and green fun and curvy stems.

The 5 x 7" piece of handmade paper I made for this piece is really, really textured.  In fact the paper wasn't pressed after it was formed, so it ended up being very wavy, similar to the stems of the calendula.

Speaking of calendula, it is one of my favorite flowers to press in the Microfleur, so be sure to order some seeds when you place your seed catalog order this year.  I've read that calendula is edible! I've never tried it though.

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