Thursday, August 17, 2006

Holy Autumn Leaf Cards?

The kids and I have been finding a surprising amount of “lacy leaves” the last few weeks or so, and I’m beginning to wonder if I will be able to find enough “unholy” autumn leaves for my autumn leaf cards this year!

Apparently Japanese Beetles are to blame. As much as I detest those annoying pests while I wage war against them to keep them away from my flowers, I have to admire their handiwork. By munching away the soft parts of the leaves, the beetles leave behind a stunning, intricate skelaton, much more interesting than the "fake" mass produced skelaton leaves commonly seen in craft and scrapbooking stores.

I'm looking forward to using a few of these hauntingly beautiful leaves in some of my framed autumn leaf collages this year. Who knows, I even may make a few cards with them.

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Thursday, August 10, 2006

New Pressed Flower Birthday Card

Elizabeth’s Flowers New Birthday Card

Well, it’s not totally new, but I’ve decided to go with a pink “Heaven’s Gate Coreopsis” flower instead of my previous purple pelargonium flower. I like the brightness of the pink flower better, and on a more practical note, I have been blessed with a wonderful harvest of them this year.

I’ve listed this pressed flower Birthday Card in my new Etsy shop. Coming soon … more pressed flower Inspiration cards!
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Friday, August 04, 2006


Presenting Elizabeth’s Flowers Etsy Shop

A number of my “E-friends” have been raging about how fun it is to shop on “Etsy”, and they’ve been encouraging me to open a shop an Etsy as well.

Basically it’s a place to “buy and sell all things handmade”, but what really stands it apart from others in the e-commerce Mecca, is that Etsy was designed by four creative guys (Rob from Brooklyn, Jared from Albuquerque, Haim from Jersey City and Chris from Philadelphia, who are trying to push the boundaries of how we shop online. Instead of “text only” searches that we do on places like eBay, or Amazon, the Etsy guys are exploring new technologies to lets us shop by color, place, time, and material. It’s really interesting!

Of course I’d like you to check out my budding store front first, but then try the cool the cool “Shop by Color” grid, the Geolocator, or the Time Machine. How fun!
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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Orange Cosmos Flowers

The hot and sunny month of August ushers in a cascade or brilliant orange and yellow cosmos flowers. I look forward to these flowers every year, as they brighten up my front garden now that the pansies have dwindled away.

Orange cosmos flowers press beautifully with the Microfleur microwave flower press, and with their finely cut dark green foliage, these flowers seem to leap from the page when I use them in my pressed flower cards and framed art collages. What a joy to work with something that is already so beautiful!

As you might have guessed, my featured pressed flower card for the month of August is the Orange Cosmos Card.

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